Administrative Appeals


Type of Dispute

All federal and state tax audits and most IRS collection actions provide an opportunity for an administrative appeal within the agency. These appeals often present the best opportunity to reach a reasonable resolution of the matter. IRS appeals are handled by the IRS Appeals Office. The FTB handles their administrative appeals through the FTB Protest Unit, the FTB Settlement Bureau and hearings before the Office of Tax Appeals. The EDD has a settlement section and provides the opportunity for an administrative hearing with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. The CDTFA has a settlement section and offers hearings before the Appeals section and hearings before the Office of Tax Appeals. The vast majority of appeals result in an agreed resolution that provides the client with a very fair result.

Our Experience

All of our professionals have represented clients in dozens of administrative appeals. Steve and Lydia are fixtures in the IRS Appeals Office and FTB Protest Unit, with multiple cases pending at all times. We take all steps necessary to ensure our cases are considered by the local offices so that our familiarity with the personnel and reputation in the offices ensure the best possible outcome.