Criminal Tax Investigations


Type of Dispute

Criminal tax investigations can arise in a number of ways. There can be an informant, a referral from another law enforcement agency, or even a criminal tax case resulting from a civil audit. However the investigation starts, it is necessary to make a comprehensive investigation to determine and prepare the best available defense. The federal sentencing guidelines and IRS practices often mean that a conviction requires time in jail. It is therefore critical to use all means to try to get the investigation ended at the earliest possible stage.

Our Experience

Several of our lawyers have extensive experience with criminal tax investigations both within and outside of the government. Steve, Carol, Elana and Jim gave advice and assistance to IRS Special Agents in many cases during their time with the government.  Steve and Lydia have represented dozens of clients in criminal tax investigations, often with spectacular results. Criminal tax investigations are serious matters. An experienced team is essential to obtain the best results.