Voluntary Disclosures


Type of Dispute

The goal of a voluntary disclosure is to correct errors in tax reporting before the taxing agencies discover them. This often provides a certain resolution before any controversy arises. Mather Law Corporation is one of the leading firms handling voluntary disclosures of all kinds. Because disclosure cases could often involve potential criminal exposure, it is important that the disclosure matter be handled by an experienced lawyer that can provide the full protections of the attorney-client privilege.

Our Experience

Our lawyers have pioneered methods of voluntary disclosures using the resources of the local IRS and state tax offices. Starting in 2008, the IRS began a more formalized program for voluntary disclosures involving foreign bank accounts. Since then, Lydia and Steve have handled dozens of disclosures and have advised many more clients that chose not to make formal disclosures. In addition, Lydia is a frequent speaker before accounting and bar groups on voluntary disclosure developments and procedures.